AP Lawcet Counselling 2012 www.aplawcet.org

AP Lawcet Counselling 2012 www.aplawcet.org

AP Lawcet counselling of 3yrs and 5yrs course will be announced in soon in the official site .
Results LAWCET/PGLCET – 2012 has been released. Original rank cards will be posted to candidates by post with in 10 days. Candidates can enter their rank and check with seat allotments in the mock counselling .

Here is the link for more information


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186 Responses to "AP Lawcet Counselling 2012 www.aplawcet.org"

  1. Raghavender says:

    sir i did not recived the rank card till today what should id do tell me r replay me please

  2. ramesh says:

    sir counselling details netlo inka pettaledu epudu pedatharu?

  3. B.Lavanya says:

    sir i did not received the rank card till today what should id do tell me r replay me please

  4. syed sultan baba says:

    Sir,I received my rank card I don’t know about counselling plz reply me sir

  5. rahul sharma says:

    Sir,Ihave not received rank card and i dont no the counselling procedure,please suggest me what to do?

  6. rajesh says:

    university evariki inka rank cards post cheyaledu? inkeppudu sir? councelling eppudu? information pettandi..

  7. B.L.Kanth says:

    Dear friends,

    Law cet rank cards already despatched 1 week back. May till now everyone has received their hall tickets, if not received till now pls. wait for 1st week of July. Still on or before 1st week of July if anyone not received Rank card they may approach to SV university, Tirupathi by phone.

    and Probably the councelling may begin at the end of July, 2012 or if still late may be in 1st week of August, 2012.

  8. J.laxman says:

    Sir,tell me councelling information dates.

  9. bharath says:

    i want to which colleges i will get for my rank

  10. krishna says:

    sir i did not recived the rank card till today what should id do tell me r replay me please and send my email id: durgamreamakrishna143@gmail.com

    • admin2 says:

      Lawcet rank cards already despatched 1 week back. Many of the candidates has received their rank cards, if not received till now pls. wait for 1st week of July. Still on or before 1st week of July if anyone not received Rank card they may approach to SV university, Tirupathi by phone.

      and Probably the councelling may begin at the end of July, 2012 or if still late may be in 1st week of August, 2012.

  11. krishna says:

    sir i did not recived the rank card till today what should id do tell me r replay me please and send my email id iloveu.krish143@gmail.com

  12. j. suresh babu. says:

    I have received rank card , my rank is 7775 please inform about counseling details & about the allotment of seats at which college

  13. nagaraju goud says:

    counciling dates when will u release sir

  14. ab ved prakash yadav says:

    sir i do not now how to enter in the counsiling so plez help me thaink you


    i have received my rank card on sat.i was searching for the counselling,but the information is not given as yet on the web site.can u please send the details,how to follow up with it.n the details about the procedure to apply for counselling.

  16. ram says:

    i have received rank card.how to upload counselling please reply sir

  17. yaseen says:

    SIR counselling dates is not update in net wt to do i got the rank card i want the information about it

  18. rajitha says:

    sir.. naku rank card vachindi.. my rank 2795.. e rank to nenu ea college lo cheravacho cheppandi… thank u

  19. D.srikanth says:

    Dear sir, put the full details of counselling & also the fee details.

  20. Bala Krishna Reddy says:

    pl info the counseling details & about the allotment of seats at which college in advance as soon as possible for planing to attend the dates

  21. G.Ravaeena says:

    Received the rank card , but how to know the seat alloted .

  22. raghavender says:

    sir i did not received the rank card till today when i apprached to s.v.university by phone they are not answering what i should do now and when is the councling dates sir please relay me sir please sir

  23. thirupathi says:

    what is the date of AP LAWCET counselling

  24. d narendran says:

    i have received my rank card. my rank is 1688. can u please tell me when will counseling begin. also kindly tell me the mock counseling details (web site or link)

  25. roopsingh says:

    plz sir/madm counseling details send sms to our phn no

  26. j. suresh babu. says:

    sir/madam pls kindly inform counseling details through sms b4 the date of announcement ,or send the details to communicate (cell- 9025574240)

  27. sir
    when did conduct counseling date?
    i do not now how to enter in the counseling so plz help me thank you

  28. sir
    when did conduct counseling date?
    i do not now how to enter in the counseling so plz help me thank you

  29. syed sultan baba says:

    sir, tl me the councelling details to me when is the councelling

  30. SURESH.G says:

    Dear sir,

    i got my rank card on 13-07-2012. but i dont know when is counseling, i search your web site, but that was not open, please send me the counseling details.

    thanking you,


  31. SURESH.G says:

    Dear sir,

    i want counseling details,

    thanking you,


  32. vanaja says:

    sir inka councling dates announce cheyaledu eppudu vntadi councling and councling ki originals thesukapothe emina problem vnatada

  33. amrutha says:

    sir llb counselling valana inka mcom,mba vanti counselling ki attend kalekapothunnam.. 1st important llb istunnam,, indulo seat rakapote mcom lanti pg cheddam anukuntunam.. meru late cheyadam valana etu telchukoleka pothunnam mcom counselling kuda ipotundi.. meru ila late cheyadam valana chiovariki em cheyaka kaliga untamemo ani tention ga undi… dayachesi tvaraga counselling date pettandi… pls sir.. chala wait chestunnam…

  34. amrutha says:

    very lazy svuuniversity… and very irresponsible government… tooooo much late of counselling…. this is indian government…. shame…

    • ramakrishna says:

      amrutha garu, y r u so hasty, pls wait. dont blame society. we r proud to be an indian. u will become lawer. wat is this

      • amrutha says:

        ramakrishna garu.. nenu society gurchi anadam ledu.. alagani mana india gurchi kuda anadam ledu.. future lo lawer avuthanu kabatte ma mails ki svu university ni respond kammani korukuntunnam… counselling date chepte andariki santhosham.. okkasari alochinchandi ma year waste avuthundane tention maku undada? inni rojulaina university counselling details pettaledante,inta mandi students mails ki respond kakapote emanali? very super government anala? okkasari other states lo study ki mana state study ki compare cheyandi…

  35. meena kumari says:

    I received my rank card but i dont know the counselling date plz send me details for counselling date.this is my mail id.

  36. meena says:

    plase sir. plz annouce the counseling date sir.

  37. When is the counselling date for Lawcet of Andhra pradesh in this academic year ?
    hello sir/madam
    when is the counselling for lawcet 2012-2013 in andhra pradesh ?
    thank you.

  38. Mythili says:

    Dear SIR,

    when is the counselling for lawcet 2012?

  39. raju says:

    counciling dates when do u release sr

  40. j.laxman says:

    sir, please tell me counceling dates many students are waiting for law counceling post the website

  41. anitha says:

    sir counciling dates epudu inform chestaru

  42. sravya says:

    sir its already july wen is the counclng

  43. g.abhilashreddy says:

    i got 32nd rank in pglcet in whish university i will got seat and send counciling details to me .

  44. Dear sir,
    what is the procedure of lawcet counselling for the year 2012-2013

  45. sankeerthana says:

    pls release ap lawcet counseling date sir.. already rank cards dispatch.. te lawcet counselling date early… thank you..

  46. a.sathyapal says:

    my rank is 360 in aplawcet 5yrsllb plzinfom to my mail adress to councling details
    thank u sir

  47. Raj says:

    hi sir, till now u dint publish the counselling dates, wats dis issue sir…………..

  48. Raj says:

    sir, dis z not fair, u people are not giving response to us, as we are future lawyers, is it justice for us, if u do like this, so plz inform us lawcet counselling as my friend AMRUTHA said..

    Thanking you

  49. gummadi devi bhavani says:

    sir i received my rank card but i want a information about counciling when the counciling will be conducted plz give me a reply

  50. raju says:

    piz inform the dates of counciling sir

  51. banda tarun says:

    law cet councilling date anouncd

  52. sarika says:

    when s the couneslling date for lawcet 5 yrs 2012 plz inform…. sir

  53. raj says:

    Sir, r u conducting the lawcet counselling for this year or not.. pls inform us.. we people are waiting for that.. this is not fair to wait this much of people and testing their patience…………

  54. vanitha jain says:

    Wens d counselling………
    Wil we hav it or nt……..
    Shld we tke direct admisiom

  55. ajay durge says:

    when councinciling date… please forward to my mail ajaykumardurge@gmail.com

  56. arshad says:

    iam arshad frm hyd as i didnt received my rank card til today but i have taken rank card photo copy frm the net is that valid for counseling. plz let me know regarding dis

    arshad hussain

  57. raj says:

    Pls counseling dates 2012

  58. vinayakchand says:

    when councinciling date for the year 2012-2013… please forward to my mail yadavvinayakchand@gmail.com

  59. hussain says:

    Final approval of law colleges from BAR COUNCIL of INDIA is yet to be received by S.V.University! As it seems.

  60. hussain says:

    ATTENTION PLEASE! Here are some facts about aplawcet over the past years.
    The aplawcet counselling for the year 2011 was conducted as follows
    LLB 3 years :- 28/ OCTOBER/ 2011 – 30/ OCTOBER/2011
    5 years LLB:- 31/ OCTOBER/2011
    Aplawcet 2010 counselling dates are as follows
    3 years LLB :- 15/ SEPTEMBER/2010 – 17/ SEPTEMBER/2010
    5 year LLB:– 18/ SEPTEMBER/2010

    HENCE! From the above facts all the aplawcet 2012 rank holders should not worry as it is normal but disappointiwng for lawcet counselling to be held late
    Please keep updating information about lawcet

    Hussain Aamir 5 year lawcet rank 31 2012
    NOTICE:- No offence is expressed against APLAWCET,APSHE,S.V.University or anyother interesting party.

  61. raj says:

    When will be the counseling dates of 2012 pls inform

  62. Rama Devi says:

    I didnot received my rank card till now . I want to know when will I recieve my rank card.

  63. Raj says:

    Atleast u have to inform to our people , when will be it takes place…..

  64. Raj says:

    Atleast u have to inform to our people , when will be it takes place…..
    this is not fair apart on u

  65. hussain says:

    The counselling dates should have been pre fixed

  66. raje says:

    I think counselling will be conduct svu university next month september…

  67. hussain says:

    Why do you say that counselling will be conducted next month September? Please give reason.

  68. raje says:

    i dnt knw.. i’m just guess.. bcoz last year lawcet counselling conduct in september.. dat’s way i’m saying like that…

  69. K.JAGAN BABU says:

    sir, till today i dint get rank card where i can get the details about counciling details and rank card please reply me

  70. hussain says:

    Each year aplawcet counselling has a different story and different counselling dates

  71. Pranavkothuri says:

    My name is Pranavkothuri,I got 492 rank in Ap lawcet2012 in which college will I probably get? Please reply me at pranavkothuri@gmail.com

  72. amrutha says:

    counselling date pls

  73. Balu says:

    u never give any response to our people ri8 sir…………

  74. hussain says:

    Please sir ( VACANCY HUB ) give us the reason for delay in lawcet counselling, if you can!

  75. jayakar says:

    Sir, when ur goind to 3yr LLB councelling , we are in confusion with the long gap. Plz announce dates as posible .

  76. s.nraju says:

    sir plz tell me lawcet councelling

  77. s.n.raju says:

    hello sir iam weiting for lawcet counciling

  78. We are waiting for counseling dates 2012 so reply to Karpe26raj@gmail.com

  79. R.K says:

    when s the couneslling date for lawcet 5 yrs 2012 pls

  80. sravanthi says:

    sir please reply me counceling dates

  81. mahesh yadav says:

    nenu degree exams rasanu 1 subject aagindhi nenu 3tears lawset entrence test rasanu epudu degree one subject aagindhi nenu 5 yers law chesu kovachna sir

  82. jayakar says:

    Counselling dates……………………………plz

  83. G.Ravaeena says:

    sir, i got 109 rank in 5yrs lawcet 2012.but i want to know when the counciling be held.plz informe to us sir.

  84. arunpatel says:

    am arun my rank is 2573 plz infom me when counciling start and details which college i got seat this rank plz infom me

  85. sarika says:

    augst is also gng to end when r u gng to counduct counselling for law 5 years…………….. we are waiting from last 2 months when are you going to conduct………. plz inform……………….

  86. shanthi says:

    when r the counseling waiting from last two months
    pl z inform us soon

  87. vinayak says:

    When is the aplawcet counselling?

  88. s.n.raju says:

    sir this is very toomach plz telme counciling details

  89. teju says:

    Will b announce in 2nd week of sep

  90. hussain says:

    Hello TEJU why do you say that aplawcet counselling will be anoused in 2nd week of september??? Please give reason!

  91. It is already august completion when u are going to conduct counseling keep doing imedatily ok

  92. Vishveshwer says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been checking mail daily for counseling details,but as you now it’s not yet declared about the dates I am wexed up browsing for it again and again, you please let me no the date of it as I dnt want to waste my time browsing for it, and i came to no that many students are facing problem due to this, please look in to it and try to solve the problem as soon possible.

  93. Prasad says:

    Hai sir. I’m got 3yr law cet rank 3992. Naku phc reservation vundi. So naku 3yr law seat ekkada vastundi.[ou lo vastunda] kindly inform my mail id

  94. shree says:

    sir counciling date …………please

  95. sir please tell me counseling dates

  96. rajareddy says:

    sir iwn concllin

  97. Sainaresh says:

    Sir counciling dates eppudu anounce chestharu

  98. vineela says:

    pls tell when is the lawcet 2012 councelling it’s already time sir and pls mind that we entered in sep,2012

  99. s.n.raju says:

    sir i am waiting for lawcet counciling plz tell me sir

  100. vinayakchand says:

    Sir when is aplawcet counselling.It’s already September.

  101. vineela says:

    sir when will conduct the councelling sir,it’s already september sir ,pls give me reply sir wen is the councelling for 5 yrs llb course.

  102. shree says:

    lawcet web counciling sep 26,27,28 today news in sakshi news paper

  103. hussain says:

    Hello SHREE , are you sure that the counselling will held on 26 27 28 september because I dont read sakshi news paper as dont know to read telugu

  104. vamsi says:

    councelling for lawcet 2012 will start from 26th sep to 28th sep so get ready its from svuniversity officials

  105. prasad says:

    hello vamsi sure that the counciling dates 26 to 28

  106. hussain says:


  107. s.dharahas says:

    When is councilling date will be released.please let me know

  108. G.Ravaeena says:

    when would be counciling for 5 yrs law?

  109. ravali says:

    counselling is on 26th september soon it will be announced…

  110. Samreen says:

    when is aplawcet counselling.

  111. ravali says:

    yes prasad its from 26th to 28th sep….

  112. RAJESH says:

    these are fakenews… no more news about the lawcet counselling is published in the newspaper…………. so guys dnt belive it

    • charan says:

      Its True that the counselling details were published in the Andhra bhoomi Paper in 2nd page on 7.9.2012.you can watch andhrsbhoomi e-paper.

    • madhukar says:

      hello rajesh not a facke news all ready published in sakshi news paper at 7th sep friday announced apsche charmen ardamynda anvasaranga andarini confuse cheyaku ok sorry to say this k na

  113. G.Ravaeena says:

    hai……… fnds can u tell me which is best college for 5yrs law?plz……….

  114. hussain says:

    VACANCY HUB ( admin2) please please give your opinion, view on the counselling matter because some are saying that its on 26,27 and 28 and that it appeared on sakshi, andhrabhoomi news paper on 7th september but others say its just fake. Hence I request VACANCY HUB ( admin2 ) to intervene in this matter.

  115. RAJESH says:

    Guys dnt believe it, no one in the law university is supporting our future lawyers.. if this is like dis, it will be shamefull to everyone……….. without the co-operation of them, we cant put hopes on lawcet

  116. sarika says:

    when is counselling for ap lawcet 5 years ………………….. plz inform

  117. prasad says:

    when iscounselling for ap lawcet 3 years……please inform

  118. madhukar says:

    hai sarika it’s sure counsilling at 26 27 28 u will contact and sms my mobile no” 8897668924 i will gave answer k na

  119. sandhya gupta says:

    hello sir all r saying its a fake news about counciling held on 26thsep, tell me the truth sir and which college is the best to select for 3yr law we all r waiting for counciling dates sir soon inform us as early as possible

  120. Hina says:


    Can someone shed some more light on Mock Counseling? I don’t know what it is and how to go about it.

    Please advise.

  121. varma says:

    whn held the BL counselling pls inform to us

  122. Krishna says:

    Counselling Details are announced… please find the details here

  123. thanks for informing me akshara.

  124. s.n..raju says:

    thanks for inform me akshara

  125. Hina says:

    Please advise if 9th class bonafide certificate from school can be submitted for the following for lawcet counseling:

    Study Certificate from 9th class to final year Degree to prove as local candidate of particular area of

  126. madhuri says:

    i didnt got my orjinal rank card what i do

  127. s.n.raju says:

    sir web councilling options is not found whats problam

    plz…. tell me any help

    contact this:9392720812

  128. bhargavi says:

    @madhuri: u can download a copy of original rank card from the website,its not an issue

  129. hussain says:

    When are seats going to be allotted for 3 and 5 year LLB.please rely!

  130. sandhya gupta says:

    sir pls inform me after freezing the college options what is the procedure to see again when will be the seats alloted for 3 yr LLB pls let me know as soon as possible if not inform me to my email id

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